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As we age our metabolism slows down; because of that the aging process begins with our hair, skin & body function including unstable sugar levels high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and most importantly unhealthy and dangerous weight gain.

Dr. Donald Layman, the father of metabolism with over 90 peer review papers and studies helped develop a patented system that really works and is exclusive to Qivana. This proprietary product that the world has never seen will reset and stabilize your metabolism to when you were in your early 20ís and then maintain it for the rest of your life? There is nothing like it and it is called Metaboliq.


Qivana's METABOLIQ™ System is the only complete lifestyle management system that is clinically proven to help you live well, lose weight and look and feel better at every age. Intelligently designed from decades of highly focused research and incredible breakthrough discoveries, this scientifically validated program will naturally improve your lean body tissues and help you lose fat. Following the METABOLIQ System, not only will you lose weight, but you will lose the right weight and forever improve your body composition, no matter what your age.

Simple and straight forward, this program is designed to naturally maximize loss of body fat, nourish and maintain your active muscles and reset and recharge your metabolism. In other words, your body shape, mobility and overall lean body composition will significantly improve. For the first time ever, you can expect real improvements with lasting results, because this program is based on a foundation of proven human clinical research and solid biochemical science, not dubious fads, trends or gimmicks.


The METABOLIQ System is the result of more than three decades of award-winning research by Dr. Donald Layman, a world-leading metabolic specialist and weight-loss research scientist. Qivana has partnered directly with Dr. Layman, and used his expertise and the results of his breakthrough findings to build a simple 90-day system where you can achieve real, reliable, dramatic results.


The METABOLIQ System is based on the concept of macrobalance—eating the right proportions of high-quality proteins, smart carbohydrates and intelligent portions of friendly fats. Getting these portions correctly balanced will forever stabilize your blood sugar, reduce typical energy crashes, eliminate cravings and halt hunger pangs.*

STABILIZE your blood sugar with METABOLIQ™ Shakes and Sticks to reduce your cravings and fuel your body.*

VITALIZE your metabolism with METABOLIQ™ Boost to burn calories and accelerate fat loss.*

OPTIMIZE your calories with METABOLIQ™ Resist to block sugar receptors and inhibit sugar absorption.*


Comparison Systems Designed for Nutrition Balancing and Meal Replacements
System Price*
Metaboliq $135**
Nutrisystems $$452
Herbalife $170
Medifast $299
The Zone $372
Southbeach $312
Jenny Craig $548
HCG Hormone Diet injection $700-$2000
HCG Hormone Diet pills $149
Seattle Sutton $279
Weight Watchers $388
Slim Fast $308
Dean Ornish $316
LA Weight Loss $219-$299
Isagenix $374
Dr. Seagal Cookie Diet $240
Atkins $404
Mediterian Diet $556
Optifast $240-$320
* Sources: Forbes, Source Direct, Amazon, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Company's Website
**Program offers a one month Max Burn option which is $215 for that month then $135 monthly

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The METABOLIQ Max Burn Pack

Package Contents:

  • 45 METABOLIQ Shakes
  • 15 METABOLIQ Sticks
  • 1 METABOLIQ Boost
  • 1 METABOLIQ Resist
  • 1 METABOLIQ System Guide

Package Price $215 (165 PV) (month 1)

System replaces 2 meals a day for the first 15 days and then 1 meal a day for the remainder of the month. (*Meal expense savings possible while on the system $225)


Package Contents:

  • 30 METABOLIQ Shakes
  • 1 METABOLIQ Boost
  • 1 METABOLIQ Resist
  • 1 METABOLIQ System Guide

Package Price $135 (100 PV) (maintenance)

Qivana Total Health Packs

The new Total Health Packs combine just the right mix of QORE and METABOLIQ products to give you total health. The packs are available in Vanilla or Chocolate and contain:
Package Contents:

  • 1 METABOLIQ Vanilla or Chocolate Burn Pack
  • 1 Qore System
  • 15 METABOLIQ Chocolate Bars
  • 15 METABOLIQ Infusions - Reds
  • 15 METABOLIQ Infusions - Greens

Package Price $255 (200 PV) /$320 Retail

METABOLIQ Maintenance Pack

Package Contents:

  • 15 METABOLIQ Vanilla Shakes
  • 15 METABOLIQ Chocolate Shakes
  • 15 METABOLIQ Infusions - reds
  • 15 METABOLIQ Infusions - greens

Package Price $135 (100 PV)/$175 retail

System replaces 1 meal a day for the month. (*Meal expense savings possible while on the system $150)

Metaboliq Training Audios

METABOLIQ Training Series: Part I - The Basics of the METABOLIQ System
Featuring: SAB Chairman, Dr. Marcus Laux and Qivana Founder/Chief Strategy Officer, Justin Banner (March 2010)

METABOLIQ Training Series: Part II - The Science Behind the METABOLIQ System
Featuring: METABOLIQ formulator, Dr. Donald Layman and Qivana Founder/Chief Strategy Officer, Justin Banner (March 2010)

METABOLIQ Training Series: Part III - Building a Business with the METABOLIQ System
This call will feature Qivana Founder & Chief Sales Officer, Rodney James. Rodney will train attendees on building a prosperous Qivana business by using the groundbreaking METABOLIQ System. He will provide specific business-building tips and share examples of Qivana IBOs already using this system successfully.

METABOLIQ Training Series: Part IV - Using Both the Qore System and Metaboliq System to Achieve Your Optimum Health
This call will feature Justin Banner, Rodney James along with Dr. Marcus Laux, Science Advisory Board Chairman. They will be sharing how both the combination of the Qore System and Metaboliq system will help us achieve optimum health.
Coming Soon...

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